Fourth Post – Personal Branding (revisited)

What are three adjectives you would use to describe yourself?
-Open minded

How to these traits influence your Facebook presence?
I don’t think my personal traits have much influence on my Facebook presence, mostly due to the fact that I mostly use Facebook as a means of communication.
However, my creative side can be seen sometimes on my Facebook profile: I often post my own artwork and share the work of others for my friends to see, and to demonstrate to others my own personal tastes in terms of design.
I think I’m open minded in a lot of respects, but the nature of Facebook is to demonstrate what kind of person you are, in my opinion, and this can be limiting. A level of consistency will become apparent the more posts you make and share, and this can sometimes effectively box you in, or label you as some particular stereotype.
Being friendly will naturally come across, but I think that is one of the main goals of Facebook as a social platform.

Write your elevator pitch:
My name is Eleanor Cronin. I’m 19 years old and I am very creative. I’m involved in youth groups and my community. I like to help others as much as I can, and I believe that assisting others will ultimately assist me too. I’m hard working and friendly, and I like to challenge myself and think outside the box. Taking opportunities that are presented to me is something I strive to do more often, as I believe this will lead to a better perspective in both my personal and my professional life.


Fourth Post – Personal Branding

What are three adjectives you would use to describe yourself?
– Self-analysing
– Empathetic
– Stubborn

How to these traits influence your Facebook presence?
I don’t believe that these traits influence my Facebook presence very much. My Facebook presence is warped, it shows only my best side in my opinion, as I have the option to filter out any activity or sides of me that I do not wish to present to others or to see.  However, my empathetic side does have some influence, it often attracts me to the side of facebook that spreads bad news, unfortunately.

Write your elevator pitch:
My name is Ellie Cronin. I am an overly self-analysing, overly empathetic and self-depricating person. I am annoyingly conscious of my insignificant place in the universe
However I think I’ve figured out the meaning of my life, which may be odd at the age of 19. I believe I exist simply to explore the depths of my existence, despite conforming to the restrictive society I live in, and this concept has lately consumed much of my thoughts
Music, art and having mutual respect with others are the most important things in my life.

First Post – Expectations

What do you hope to gain from the module?

I hope to gain a better understanding of the virtual platforms and social networking sites available to me, as well as the etiquette and skills necessary to be a functioning user of these online places. I also hope to learn about presenting myself appropriately in terms of professional standards and managing my online identity. Diverse cultures can be virtually experienced through these mediums, and I wish to learn the skills which will enable me to interact with these cultures and make the most out of them for my own personal growth.

What do you think you will contribute to the module?

I believe that I have very good morals and a strong sense of right and wrong. I believe in equal treatment of all people everywhere, of all races, ethnicities, and religions. This trait is something that is at the forefront of my personality, and I think this will allow me to contribute to discussions about online etiquette and interactions, as well as the issue of cyber bullying.

Why are the module objectives important to you?

The objectives of the module are important to me for two main reasons:
– The first may be quite shallow, but it is true for me nonetheless. to be frank, I need a good mark in this module to be able to succeed as best I can in this course. Fulfilling the objectives are the pathway to succeeding in this module, thus contributing to my hopeful success in the course overall.
– The second is more personal: Social media networking and utilising virtual platforms is important in today’s world, where technology is prevalent and so much human interaction takes place via the internet. Becoming a professional in this day and age means being able to fully utilise the facilities available to me. The objectives of this course will equip me with the skills necessary to interact to a good standard with these virtual environments. This will contribute to my professional success in the field of work that I wish to be a member of.

Third Post – Encounters

My encounters on second life so far have been positive for the most part. Almost everybody I have spoken to on the platform has been kind and happy to talk, while maintaining their privacy and personal details, which is what I expected and perfectly normal.
However, there is a certain stigma attached to people who use platforms like second life. Unfortunately there has been little to dispel this stereotype in this virtual world. This stigma revolves around sexism. It is present in the worldwide community to a horrendous extent: female characters are overly sexualised, often given inappropriate and revealing clothing where completely unnecessary. I find this extremely frustrating and I find it hard not to disregard games and platforms that might have great content, for the simple fact that female characters are represented as objects of sexual desire.
This stereotype has been extremely present in Second Life so far: To begin with, only one of the female avatars was wearing clothes that weren’t overly revealing. The costume design of all of the others were extremely sexual, and this angered me a lot. I find it difficult to tolerate gaming platforms that are sexist.
This was again prevalent when I went looking for more clothing for my avatar – the majority of female clothing available to users is offensively sexual. Short skirts and too much cleavage are only the beginning of what’s wrong with the clothing available. Most of the outfits are designed to be attractive to men’s sense of sexually attractive, and I have absolutely no time for such obvious sexism.